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Sink The Pink presents ESCAPE FROM PLANET TRASH at the Pleasance Theatre

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It's 2050 and in a galaxy not too far from our own, Planet Trash is the most dangerous place in the solar system - the dumping ground for the universe.  

Following a scrambled distress signal, two intrepid space explorers defy their orders and venture down to the planet in search of life.

Crash-landing amongst the waste, they find Ginger Johnson and her son, the last remaining residents of the doomed planet. But as the countdown to Christmas approaches, something else begins to stir from deep within the debris, a new threat, seeking revenge.

Can our team of intergalactic heroes band together to survive, and will they escape the planet in time for Christmas?

Sink The Pink return to Pleasance Islington for five weeks of queer, campy, Christmas fun. Featuring drag queens, giant turkeys and a live musical score, Planet Trash is destined to become this year's Christmas must-see!

Sink The Pink presents ESCAPE FROM PLANET TRASH Tickets

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